Medium Toilet Trailer

Medium Restroom Rentals

Medium Toilet TrailerOur Medium Portable Toilets are a luxury portable toilet solution that’s perfect for any event. This trailer contains a male and a female side. Woman’s side contains two stalls, a sink, and a mirror. The gentlemen’s side contains a stall, a urinal, a sink, and a mirror.

If you’re hosting a party outdoors where no bathrooms are available or on a construction site that’s in the middle of nowhere, you’ll have to bring the bathroom to your group. Consult with Caprioni Portable Toilets, Inc. when you need luxurious outdoor restroom rentals in Belleplain, NJ. We have the resources to provide you with sanitary solutions that eliminate the stress of having to worry about where you and your guests will use the facilities.

As an experienced portable bathroom company, you can count on us to provide you with high-quality restrooms that surpass your expectations. Each of our durable toilets comes with everything you and your guests need to feel comfortable. This luxurious portable restroom contains one side for women and one side for men. The women’s side contains a mirror, two stalls, and a sink. The men’s side contains a mirror, a sink, and a urinal.

The Environmental Effect of a Portable Bathroom

Along with its convenience, portable bathrooms also have a positive effect on the environment. Regular toilets go through gallons and gallons of water every day. Portable toilets, generally, need much less water to operate and do the exact same job. The environmental saving is not only good for the local community, but it can also be good for the business that uses the portable restrooms. If you’re a business that uses rental toilets, you can show prospective clients how you’re a company that cares about both the environment and business.

Increase Productivity or Keep the Party Going

Anyone who’s had to walk in search of a bathroom knows how often a bathroom break turns into an extended break. Without a toilet on construction sites or other job sites, workers are forced to walk longer distances to find bathrooms. This can dramatically decrease your team’s productivity. Similarly, guests at an outdoor event who have to continually walk back and forth between an offsite bathroom and the party get annoyed. This can ruin the atmosphere of your party.

Family Values from Our Company

Our company has been family-owned and operated since 1981. We believe that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. It’s been our goal to provide comprehensive and courteous septic services for residential and commercial customers since we first opened our doors. Depend on us to arrive to your site on time and to set up the portable bathroom correctly, whether it’s a large or medium.

Contact us for more information about our medium restrooms. We proudly serve customers in Belleplain, New Jersey, as well as those throughout South Jersey.