Double Toilet Trailer

Luxurious Portable Restroom

Double Toilet TrailerOur small portable restroom is a perfect solution to a more luxury toilet solution than just a regular portable toilet. Perfect for any event. The small portable restrooms contains a lady’s side and a gentlemen’s side. This solutions contains an actual toilet, a sink and mirror on both sides.

There are many details involved when planning a corporate retreat, wedding, or any type of outdoor event. One basic detail that is crucial to the success of any outdoor function is having a place to go to the bathroom. If your outdoor venue doesn’t have a bathroom, then turn to Caprioni Portable Toilets, Inc. for help.

Located in Belleplain, NJ, we have a range of portable restrooms that are sure to meet your needs. Perfectly tailored for a formal party, work site, or sporting event, our double portable toilets come with all the amenities you would find in your own bathroom—toilet paper, a sink, and even a mirror. Let us help you keep your function clean and sanitary.

Why Go with a Double Restroom Rental?

Nobody likes waiting in a long line to use the bathroom. If you expect to have a high number of guests at your event, having two restrooms available will cut the wait time in half. Each of our double restrooms contains a side for men and a side for women. If you’re unsure of how many portable restrooms you’ll need, let us know. Based on the number of individuals attending your event, we can help you decide what size restroom is best for you.

Great Value and Great Service

Our company prides itself on the way we treat our customers and high-quality products we supply them with. When you hire us to assist you with providing portable bathrooms for your function, you can rest assured that the bathrooms will arrive on schedule. Doing so gives us enough time to place the restrooms in a location that’s best suited for the guests and for the specific area.

As a family-owned and operated company, you can depend on us to provide you with septic service that goes beyond your standards. Our cost-effective methods, along with our clean and excellent portable restrooms, make sure your attendees have a sanitary space to go to the bathroom.

Keeps Strong Odors Away

Our restroom trailers have a come long since we first started renting them in 1981. Since then, advancements in technology have it made it possible to keep the strong odors away from you and your party. Exhaust systems and modern plumbing help ensure that unfavorable aromas stay in the waste tank until your event ends. Rely on our technicians to ensure the toilets continue to work properly during your function.

Contact us to view our portable toilets. We proudly serve customers in Belleplain, New Jersey, as well as those in South Jersey.