Large Toilet Trailer

Toilet Trailer for Any Event

Large portable toilet trailer in an outdoor settingOur VIP Large Portable Toilets are a luxury portable toilet solution that’s perfect for any event. This trailer contains a male and a female side. Woman’s side contains five stalls, a double sink, and a mirror. The gentlemen’s side contains two stall, three urinal, a double sink, and mirror.

The warmer seasons are meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Planning outdoor events, such as corporate retreats, weddings, beach parties, and other special events is fun, but what do you do when none of the locations you choose have a bathroom? One of the basic functions of every person is to use the bathroom and not having one takes attention away from your outside activity. Rely on Caprioni Portable Toilets, Inc. to provide you with a toilet trailer.

Based in Belleplain, NJ, our company has helped local residents and businesses secure outdoor bathrooms of all sizes to accommodate their guests. Our large toilet trailer is known as our VIP toilet. Perfect for any event, it contains sides for both men and women. The women’s side contains five stalls, a double sink, and mirrors. The men’s side contains two stalls, three urinals, a double sink, and mirrors.

Restroom Trailer Keeps Your Guests Focused

It’s hard to stay focused when all you’re thinking about is going to the bathroom. If you’re at a corporate retreat giving a presentation, the last thing you want to be looking out at from the stage is a crowd of anxious audience members. Having restrooms onsite helps ensure that everyone in attendance stays focused. No matter where you are, we can bring the restroom to you.

Prevent the Spread of Germs

Bathroom rentals aren’t just convenient; they’re also healthy. If you have a large group of people in an area where there is no bathroom, the chances of people spreading germs increases dramatically. Our bathroom rentals, whether you choose a medium or large, all come equipped with sinks where guests can wash their hands with water and soap. This is especially vital if food is being served at the event.

Give Your Guests Privacy

Some people are not comfortable using the great outdoors as their bathroom. Whether it’s due to shyness or cleanliness, you’ll often find that people prefer to have privacy when using the bathroom. Our rentals are perfect for this because they come with stalls. All toilet trailers are cleaned and inspected thoroughly before they are brought to your event to help ensure the satisfaction of you and your guests.

Three Generations of Service

Family values are closely tied to everything we do with our business. Our company has been family-owned and operated since 1981. Integrity and honesty are values you’ll always find when you work with us. Rely on us for expert service.

Contact us to learn more about our sanitary products. We proudly serve customers in Belleplain, New Jersey, as well as those in South Jersey.